Real Folk Cultural International Academy is established with the Aim to Promote the Real Folk Culture of Punjab. Punjabis are worldwide known to honour & respect their culture. The culture of the any state is important for the internal & external growth of the Youth. The Punjab has big Heritage Culture. The youngster of Punjab are not interested in their culture heritage, they are driven by bad elements towards drugs, alcohol etc, so RFCIA helps young generation to save their culture by enrolling them in folk dances like Bhangra, Gidhha, Sammi, Jhoomar, Malwai Gidhha, Jindua etc.

The founder of this academy is Ustad Ravi Kumar Ji (A Drummer of International Fame). Many students get benefit of their esteem coaching & spread the fragrance of folk dances throughout world. RFCIA is guided & supervised by reputed social figure of international fame as are Pammi Bai Ji (A renowned Punjabi Singer & honoured worldwide by many social & cultural associations), Dr. Karnail Singh Kalsi (Founder of & honoured worldwide by many social & cultural associations), Prof. Inderjit Singh Ji (Principle Khalsa College, Ludhiana), S. Harvinder Singh Bajwa (ASI Punjab Police Cultural Department), Sh. Ajay Sharma Ji (Swimming Coach, PAU Ludhiana), Prof. Tripatdeep Singh Dua (Prof. of Computer Science GNIMT), Advocate Parminder Singh Brar, Advocate Harkamal Singh, Advocate Gurjodh Singh.

All other members of Academy are dedicated to spread heritage of real folk dances. Most of the members of RFCIA are World Acclaimed folk Dancers. Many of them had written their name in Golden Letters in their respected institutes, Colleges & Universities. The members of RFCIA academically highly qualified & well settled in their respectable field. So the basic desire of the members to lift the folk dance upto the higher realm.

The Whole team of Real Folk Cultural International Academy (Regd.) is dedicated from their heart to enrich the Punjabi Culture & spread the aim of brotherhood in the World.

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